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Throwback Thursday? No, it’s Tuesday

Digging back through my old posts, I found a little something that a bright-eyed Elekctra wrote just after Perfect Chemistry.

Four years later, let’s revisit.

“But I can say this:  I’ve learned a lot from making Perfect Chemistry.  There are a lot of things that I would do differently.This is true. Starting out strong here.

  1. This game will be longer.  I’m starting to outline the storyline and it’s looking like a monster.  Um…no.  Not even close.  Monster plot lines tend to get me in trouble.  I did learn how to outline, though.  That’s saying something.
  2. The writing will be better.  Perfect Chemistry was my first time writing in first-person POV (I usually prefer third-person omniscient).  Since I wrote the script a year ago, I’ve taken a writing class and I’ve specifically worked on my first-person style.  I think this one’s true.  I don’t think I knew how to do a proper first-person back then.  But that’s debatable.  What do you think?
  3. There will be more obtainable characters.  Choices are awesome, aren’t they?  Yes!  Totally did this!
  4. There will be AT LEAST ONE CG.  That was one thing that bothered me about Perfect Chemistry–the lack of CG’s.  Seeing as I’m not feeling too comfortable with my artistic ability (or lack thereof) I don’t want to make too many promises.  But I think I can safely say that there will be at least one CG.  Fail.  There are zero CG’s.  Goose egg.  Nope.  I’m not an artist.  I’ve come to terms with that fact.  Now, I can dream…
  5. The sprites will be better.  On the topic of art, I’ve been practicing, so I think my sprites are just a little prettier now!  Yay!  Yes.*  The sprites look fantastic, but read the fine print.  *The sprites are way better…because they’re not mine.  See above where I admit to not being an artist.  The awesomeness you see is all to the credit of the fantastic SilverHyena.  Check them out.
  6. You will get to see all of the development right here, three times a week.”  LOL.

Looks like I’m four for seven (I gave myself partial credit for two of them).  But you know what they say about the ‘best laid plans of mice and men,’ right?

~♥~ Elekctra


The Development of ‘Sweet Tea Casting Call’

Hey all!  I promised you a dev story, so here it is.screenshot0017

It’s been 4 years since I published Perfect Chemistry.  Since then I’ve graduate from school, changed jobs twice, and gone through so many life-things that the world is a completely different place.  Meantime, I’ve been chipping away at various otome visual novels, but I didn’t seem any closer to finishing.  After starting Contrary over…for the fourth time, I needed to shake things up and get my motivation back.

It was October of 2015.  (No, that’s not a typo.)  I wanted to put my sprawling fantasies aside and try to wrap my hands around something manageable.  So I went back to the drawing board and dreamed up the initial plot line for Sweet Tea Casting Call.  Of course, I got it in my head to make it a Thanksgiving themed game…partly because I needed a deadline and partly because nobody really does Thanksgiving themed movies or games.

I wrote the thing up, coded up the UI and tested it.  All I had left was the three bonus epilogue scenes to write up.  But I didn’t.  I decided to shelve the project for a year for reasons unknown.

But a couple of weeks ago, I decided to bring it back.  I played through it, and it’s no masterpiece, but it made me laugh.  So I decided it was time to dust this one off and share it with the world.  After more than a year, Just Jen in Sweet Tea Casting Call makes its debut.

Now, what makes this really ironic is this post here:  https://elekctrafied.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/the-development-of-perfect-chemistry/

Apparently for as different as the world is…not much has changed.

I’m not going to try to guess what’s in store for Elekctrafied Productions.  Because I’ll be wrong.  But what I can say is that, for better or for worse, writing and visual novels are one thing that I keep coming back to over and over again.

~♥~ Elekctra

Sweet Tea Casting Call–Now Available!

Hey all,  today’s the big day!

The download page for Sweet Tea Casting Call is now live:  https://elekctrafied.wordpress.com/projects/sweet-tea-casting-call/stcc-download/

Get your copy of this free Visual Novel!

Next week, I’ll post details around the dev of this little number.  My IRL friends roll their eyes, so it might amuse you.

~♥~ Elekctra


Sweet Tea What?

Hey all!


So today I’m want to talk a little bit about next week’s otome game release.  It’s been forever since I’ve done this, so I’m a bit rusty.  Life happens.

Sweet Tea Casting Call is a short little VN I’ve been working on and off.  It’s a light hearted little thing (read: Not to be taken seriously.  At all.) that I wrote to get back in the swing of things.  It’s a head-nod at my Southern roots.

Our girl–her name’s Jenna Lynn–has gotten herself in trouble.  She’s got less than a week to find herself a guy to take home for Thanksgiving to play Meet the Parents.  Aside from sounding like the plot of a bad soap opera, what could possibly go wrong?


This game features 3 obtainable gentlemen and 3 endings.  Get your copy next week!

~♥~ Elekctra

At Long Last

Hello Internet!  I’m back~!!!

I know, I know.  I’ve said that before.  I can hear you rolling your eyes.  But this time it’s different.  I swear.

That’s what they all say.

Yeah, okay, okay.  (Say it twice and it’s twice as nice….maybe?)  Check the side panel.  Guess what’s coming up in two weeks?!?

A five day, four night trip to Maui?

No…it’s a brand new Ren’Py game!


No, for real.  Stop looking at me that way.  For real this time…  I promise?

Jokes aside, the rumor is true.  We’ve got a brand new Ren’Py game coming out in two weeks.  (And I know, because I just built the distributions…)  So be excited.  I know I am!

Let me tease you with a few stats:
The game contains 1,040 dialogue blocks, containing 9,119 words and 48,190
characters, for an average of 8.8 words and 46 characters per block.

The game contains 9 menus, 45 images, and 15 screens.

Sweet Tea Casting Call.  Available for download November 1, 2016.


~♥~ Elekctra

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Oh, boy… looks like I’ve got a bit of ‘splaining to do.

So, it’s been exactly one year since I’ve posted anything.  That makes my little ‘Blog is up and Running’ widget, on the side there, look pretty stupid.  It’s been a weird kind of year, full of trials and tribulations, new friends and new experiences and just a whole lot of wow.

So I’ve been focused on writing for the past few months.  Previously, I’ve been referring to this little monster as Contrary, but I’ve retitled it at least a dozen times since.  Actually, I’m not sure that I’ve got an actual description of this particular game on this blog, but I’ll remedy that soon.  What actually is important at this point is:

  1. I am working on a project.
  2. It is a Ren’Py game. (With 3 eligible bachelors)
  3. The first path is almost done (90% written)
  4. See word count below.
Ren'Py lint report,
generated at: Fri Jun 06 22:43:33 2014


The game contains 3,689 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 37,273 words,
for an average of 10.1 words per screen.
The game contains 20 menus.

So hopefully, that shows that I’m on the right track.  So if there’s anyone still reading this (new follower or someone who’s stuck around since the Perfect Chemistry days), I hope that means I’m forgiven?  Be excited–be very excited.  I know I am!

~♥~ Elekctra

A Period of Transition

Hey all,

Slow going this week.  I’m kind of in an in between place right now.  I’m preping for a move, so will be taking care of some personal things for the next couple of weeks before coming back and working full steam ahead on the artwork.  In the mean time, I’m keeping an open dialogue with Shinobi in terms of plotting so I can jump right into writing once the art is taken care of.

~♥~ Elekctra

An Update from the Musical Front

Here’s an exciting piece of news that I’ve been saving for a while~

Our future works will be featuring musical compositions by Chet Gnegy!

To those of you who have stuck with me for a while, does that name sound familiar to you?  Scroll down about three or four posts…  (I wrote a post about Chet last fall.)

Chet, who happens to be a fellow engineer, is a very talented musician.  I am very excited that he is letting me use some of his work in upcoming games.  If you want to hear a sample of his music before then, check out his website: chetgnegy.com and his project The Alpha Channel or look him up on YouTube (I have a link to one of his videos in that post I wrote about him).

See you all next week.  Same time, same otome channel!

~♥~ Elekctra

New Sprite

Here’s a quick preview of one of the character sprites I’ve been working on.  I’m trying out a new shading style.  Let me know what you think!



~♥~ Elekctra

New Staff Member

Hey there,

I’ve been hard at work on those sprites.  I’ll have something to share next week.

In the mean time, there’s been some other exciting new changes around here.  We have a new plot writer!  My friend Shinobi is excellent with plots and story structure.  He’ll be taking over some of the plotting and outlining of visual novels around here.  He’s really good at what he does and I’m excited to be working with him.  Both of us are quite excited to share what we’ve discussed.

And just as a final reminder:  Sprites.  Here.  Next week!  See you then.

~♥~ Elekctra

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