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The Development of ‘Perfect Chemistry’

So, as promised, I’m going to share the story behind the development of Perfect Chemistry.

I started working on Perfect Chemistry in June of 2011.  The original intention was to throw together a 15-30 minute game GxB game with one obtainable guy, two or three endings.  I decided to adapt a short story (1,700 words) I had written for a class (around November of 2010), because I figured that would be quick and easy.  Until I started tweaking the story line and ended up redefining the characters and rewriting the whole thing.

This took two months.  At this point, I had six endings.

In August, I worked out the UI and the code for the music room.  I figured out the free sprites I was going to use and  I picked out backgrounds.

Then I shelved the project when I went back to school.

In December, I found my files again and rewrote most of the script.  Then I decided that, for better or for worse, I would draw my own sprites.  Mind you, I can’t draw.  Can’t.  But I figured I’d give it a shot.  This was the first time anything I drew turned out half-decent.  It was also the first time I’ve inked and colored my art digitally.  I know it’s not stellar artwork, but I tried my best.  And all in all, I’m still pretty pleased with this initial effort.

In January, I talked with a friend.  Then I ended up rewriting the script to work with the five new endings (for a total of eleven!).  I proofread and packed up the game.

In February, I was ready to release, but I didn’t.  My friend offered to beta, and I happily accepted.

Then school happened.  I got out at the end of April.

I’ve spent the last two weeks making last minute changes and putting stuff on the blog.

Phew!  So one year later (technically one year and six months, if you want to count the draft of that short story as part of the development) Perfect Chemistry is being released.

Not the most scintillating story, but it’s here, for posterity if for nothing else.

~♥~ Elekctra


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  1. Brilliant article, Thank you

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