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Screen Language is Yucky!

True statement:  screen language is yucky.

I needed a little bit of a break from writing, so I set out to do two things this week.

First, I worked on the plot and the storyline.  This is now at 100% completion.  I also looked at the descriptions of all the characters and I think I need to revise this–it doesn’t really reflect the characters accurately.  The problem is, I’m not sure what I should say about Sarah and our pirate boys.  If anyone has any suggestions or questions or anything to get my creativity flowing (really, really anything…I’m at a loss here), let me know.

The other thing I worked on is the UI.  I was trying to figure out how to do the button customizations and menu layouts and all that good stuff.  I’ve been using the awesome tutorials by Aleema and Camile on the Lemma Soft forums.  The tutorials are excellent, but screen language is yucky.  It took me 4 days to get the hang of it.  I kind of know what I’m doing now, mostly.  But I don’t have anything to show this week.  I’m kind of at an in between stage.  Next week, though, I should have something to share with you.

~♥~ Elekctra
PS  There is now a music room.  I’ve been working on that too.


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