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Save Screen

Oh my gosh, this post has an image!  Gasp!  🙂  I figured it was about time I gave you guys something to look at. So the preview looks kind of blurry, but if you click on the preview and view it in full size, it actually isn’t pixelated–at least not no my screen.

I’ve been working really hard on trying to master UI customizations and screen updates.  It took me so long to figure what code does what.  But here’s the new save/load screen.

What do you think?  Let me know: ‘Like’ this if you, you know, like this.  Your support means everything.

As far as next week goes, I’m not sure if I want to try to wrap up two more UI screens (the preferences and music room screens are almost done also) or if I want to put some more time into the script.  I miss writing and I’m kind of sick of looking at code.  But I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks, as always.

~♥~ Elekctra




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