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Writing on Napkins

I realized, yesterday, that I completely forgot to update the progress bars for Crimson Dawn (that is, by the way, the working title for the Pirate Otome WIP).  UI is actually at 50%.

As for the new Challenge Project (I will find a title for this soon, hopefully.),   I am up to three thousand words typed and lots more handwritten on napkins.

Yes, napkins.  No joke.

I don’t actually have a habit of drafting on napkins.  Normally, I type everything.  I work so much better on a computer.  But I was at this conference last week– some circuit design lecture-thing that I went to for work.  One of the sessions finished early and I had an hour before the next one.  Perfect time to

Except I didn’t have my notebook.  I almost always have my little notebook, but I took it out of my bagthat morning (because why would I ever need a notebook, right?).  So I grabbed a stack of napkins from the refreshments table, poured myself a cup of coffee, and picked out a quiet table with plenty of sun.

It sounds so silly, but it’s really an incredible feeling.  We hear all these stories about authors or play-writes drafting on the backs of napkins in secluded coffee shops.  I think it’s something every writer needs to try, at least once.  I would recommend, however, numbering your napkins.  I should have, but I didn’t.  You can probably imagine what happened there. 🙂

One week down, three weeks to go.  Hopefully we’ll get somewhere.

~♥~ Elekctra


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