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Hey everyone!

Not a whole lot going on this week.  To be honest, I’m not sure how the next couple of weeks will go either.  I’m getting ready to go back to school–classes start in two weeks.  I have to pack and move back to campus.

At this point, I know what I want to do with this Challenge Project .  I want to try to share these initial ideas with you, but I’m having a really hard time describing things.  (Probably why I usually wait until I’m entirely finished with something before I even attempt to share.)  Please bear with me as I try to get this out.

The setting is a quasi-medieval universe.  Medieval-ish, I guess, and not historically accurate.  This universe does involve magic.  There are a lot of cliches and a fair amount of cliche subversion.

The main character, Larissa, is trying to find and rescue her missing little sister, Chloe.  The two sisters don’t have a whole lot in common.  Chloe is your naive sweetheart type.  Larissa tends to be more brash and emotional–I probably wouldn’t go as far as to say hot-headed, though.  Larissa is joined by three of her friends on this quest/rescue mission/thing.  They’re names are Jace, Ryder and Caden.  I still don’t have their personalities pinned down yet.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Thanks for listening.

~♥~ Elekctra



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