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An Update from the Musical Front

Here’s an exciting piece of news that I’ve been saving for a while~

Our future works will be featuring musical compositions by Chet Gnegy!

To those of you who have stuck with me for a while, does that name sound familiar to you?  Scroll down about three or four posts…  (I wrote a post about Chet last fall.)

Chet, who happens to be a fellow engineer, is a very talented musician.  I am very excited that he is letting me use some of his work in upcoming games.  If you want to hear a sample of his music before then, check out his website: chetgnegy.com and his project The Alpha Channel or look him up on YouTube (I have a link to one of his videos in that post I wrote about him).

See you all next week.  Same time, same otome channel!

~♥~ Elekctra


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