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Sweet Tea What?

Hey all!


So today I’m want to talk a little bit about next week’s otome game release.  It’s been forever since I’ve done this, so I’m a bit rusty.  Life happens.

Sweet Tea Casting Call is a short little VN I’ve been working on and off.  It’s a light hearted little thing (read: Not to be taken seriously.  At all.) that I wrote to get back in the swing of things.  It’s a head-nod at my Southern roots.

Our girl–her name’s Jenna Lynn–has gotten herself in trouble.  She’s got less than a week to find herself a guy to take home for Thanksgiving to play Meet the Parents.  Aside from sounding like the plot of a bad soap opera, what could possibly go wrong?


This game features 3 obtainable gentlemen and 3 endings.  Get your copy next week!

~♥~ Elekctra


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