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Throwback Thursday? No, it’s Tuesday

Digging back through my old posts, I found a little something that a bright-eyed Elekctra wrote just after Perfect Chemistry. Four years later, let’s revisit. “But I can say this:  I’ve learned a lot from making Perfect Chemistry.  There are a lot of things that I would do differently.This is true. Starting out strong here. …

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An Update from the Musical Front

Here’s an exciting piece of news that I’ve been saving for a while~ Our future works will be featuring musical compositions by Chet Gnegy! To those of you who have stuck with me for a while, does that name sound familiar to you?  Scroll down about three or four posts…  (I wrote a post about …

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New Sprite

Here’s a quick preview of one of the character sprites I’ve been working on.  I’m trying out a new shading style.  Let me know what you think! ~♥~ Elekctra

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New Staff Member

Hey there, I’ve been hard at work on those sprites.  I’ll have something to share next week. In the mean time, there’s been some other exciting new changes around here.  We have a new plot writer!  My friend Shinobi is excellent with plots and story structure.  He’ll be taking over some of the plotting and …

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Happy Halloween!~Erm, Belatedly?

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Halloween, for those who celebrate it.  Here’s the scoop.  I’m really trying to get back up on the horse as far as writing and making good progress. This week, I’ve added about 3000 words to the script (and I’m feeling awesome about it!) and revised another 2000-ish.  …

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Plus 4K and Opinion Poll–You Decide

Hi guys! Did you see the cute little ticky bars on the side there?  I think the proper name for them is actually ‘progress bars’…  They were up last week, but I didn’t get to talk about them because I put them up after I posted.  I’m super excited about them.  They make me smile …

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Already Stuck…

It’s been more than a week since I’ve last posted.  Things have been kind of sticky lately and work has been stressing me out. But it’s time for me to be honest and ‘fess up.  I’m really, really stuck.  I’ve written plenty of words…I’ve rewritten plenty of words.  But none of them are useful words, …

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Character Hair Colors? — You Decide!

Hi everybody! Just wanted to keep you all posted on where things are at.  I’ve been planning and making a story map.  I’m a little bit stuck, but I guess that means I need to start writing and come back to it. The character descriptions/profiles are almost finalized.  I’m still struggling with one thing:  hair …

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New Project

So I’ve finished up the hints and walk through pages for Perfect Chemistry. That means…. IT’S TIME FOR A NEW PROJECT! That’s right.  I’m in the process of planning out a new otome VN.  I can’t say too much about it yet–I want to wait until I’ve got things figured out for sure before I …

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