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Cammy is a first-year chemistry major. She is sarcastic and realistic and, well, a classic nerd. But underneath that nerdy exterior, Cammy might be holding out for a fairy tale. Because dreams come true and happily ever after and all that movie nonsense…maybe it happens in real life too.


Tyler is Cammy’s lab partner. He is a sophomore chemical engineer, who can’t write to save his life! He is friendly, easy to relate to, and always reliable. And he has a soft spot for cats?



Tania’s motivatations aren’t difficult to guess. She’s Tyler’s ex-girlfriend and it looks like she wants him back!



David is Cammy’s older brother. He teaches her chemistry lab as part of his work scholarship. He may be all dressed up, but he’s a total goof ball. He’s one of those well-intentioned, nosy big brothers. He has been trying to push Tyler and Cammy together from the day they started working together.


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