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Hints for Perfect Chemistry

Warning:  Mild spoilers ahead!  Proceed with Caution!

Ending 1:  Hopeless
Don’t pay any special attention to Tyler, but expect him to notice you.

Ending 2:  The End
Obsess over Tyler and take every chance to be involved in what he does, where he goes and who he talks to.

Ending 3: All the Time in the World
Take David’s advice.  Be clever and quirky and cautious.  Let your relationship grow, cautiously.

Ending 4: Perfect Chemistry
Give romance a chance, but focus on your friendship when things look bleak.

Ending 5: Some Other Girl’s Fairy Tale
Be sweet and feminine, but rash and headstrong.  Show Tyler how well you get along, and realize that he is perfect for you.

Ending 6: The Princess Ending
Be sweet and gentle and patient like a fairy tale princess.  Fall for Tyler and get him to fall for you by being friendly and showing him how well you get along.

Ending 7:  Reunited
Try to get Tyler to talk to give Tania a second chance.

Ending 8:  For the Best
Be very friendly to Tyler, but decide that you mean only to be friends.  Stick with your decisions.

Ending 9:  Reconsidered
Explore the possibility of a relationship with Tyler, but decide against it.  Be flexible with your decisions–consider everything twice.

Ending 10:  What Friends Do
Decide to be just friends–don’t flirt with him or lead him on.  Make decisions that show your softer, more feminine side.

Ending 11:  Partners
Don’t flirt with or encourage Tyler.  Keep your relationship professional.  Make decisions that show your logical, nerdy side.  Focus on things other than dating Tyler.


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