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Back to School

Summer is at an end and I am back at school.  (I think that deserves a sad face 😦 )  I’m a senior this year, so it’s my very last year, thank goodness.  Two days back and I’ve already been assigned three problem sets, a project, and a quiz on Friday. But now that classes …

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Hey everyone! Not a whole lot going on this week.  To be honest, I’m not sure how the next couple of weeks will go either.  I’m getting ready to go back to school–classes start in two weeks.  I have to pack and move back to campus. At this point, I know what I want to …

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Writing on Napkins

I realized, yesterday, that I completely forgot to update the progress bars for Crimson Dawn (that is, by the way, the working title for the Pirate Otome WIP).  UI is actually at 50%. As for the new Challenge Project (I will find a title for this soon, hopefully.),   I am up to three thousand …

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