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New Sprite

Here’s a quick preview of one of the character sprites I’ve been working on.  I’m trying out a new shading style.  Let me know what you think! ~♥~ Elekctra Advertisements

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Short post today.  I mostly wanted to touch base with you all. Yes, the unofficial hiatus is OVER.  Regular updates will now continue! I know I disappeared from the internet for the past few months.  Senior year can be very busy and full of uncertainty.  (Special thanks to my friends IRL for giving me that …

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Character Profiles

So, character profiles, as promised!  🙂  Still no pictures though; I still have to work out character design. POV Character Sarah:  an orphan from Adelton, Sarah doesn’t know much about her past, but she hasn’t let that get in her way.  Sarah is very resourceful and she’s a fast learner, picking up new skills wherever …

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New Project

So I’ve finished up the hints and walk through pages for Perfect Chemistry. That means…. IT’S TIME FOR A NEW PROJECT! That’s right.  I’m in the process of planning out a new otome VN.  I can’t say too much about it yet–I want to wait until I’ve got things figured out for sure before I …

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The Development of ‘Perfect Chemistry’

So, as promised, I’m going to share the story behind the development of Perfect Chemistry. I started working on Perfect Chemistry in June of 2011.  The original intention was to throw together a 15-30 minute game GxB game with one obtainable guy, two or three endings.  I decided to adapt a short story (1,700 words) …

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